The  Totem Hookah brand  is of Ukrainian origin. Every Totem hookah is a work of art and the Idol model is no exception. Refined style, the overlay is made of expensive and noble species of wood. Totem is famous for its high-quality metal processing in its products. The stem, tray and chamber of the hookah are made of AISI 304 steel with high strength and durability and its outer part is a wooden case, which is reliably protected from moisture and smoke. The main goal in the production of these hookahs was the maximum quality of both parts and work performance. At the base of the shaft there is a polyacetal insert, which significantly improves the purging by directing the air at the right angle, thanks to this solution there will be extraordinary purging. The tray is made using a press - it does not bend, does not turn black and perfectly complements the overall appearance of the piece. 




- Totem Hookah Idol Body and stem

- Tray

- Silicone Hose

- Mouthpiece

- Grommets 


Please note this product does not include a glass base.

Totem Idol - Chocolate

SKU: 0016