Pandora Hookah Light - Red


A very affordable quality piece, at the same time it is made from stainless steel and polyacetal like the expensive brands. The inserts for stainless steel threads are also made of polyacetal, which eliminates abrasion of the threads.  The Pandora light has a detachable diffuser that gives you the option from a classic to an effortless draw. The Pandora Light hookah has a relatively light pull, but not too much, which is absolutely great. In addition, it has an excellent purging!




- Stem

- Removable Diffuser

- Black soft-touch silicone hose and black aluminium mouthpiece

- Stainless steel tray 

- Charcoal tongs made of stainless steel


Please note this product does not include a glass base.


Pandora Hookah Light - Red

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