Thunder is a Heat Management system and bowl that is made and designed in Germany, which is completely built of high-quality stainless steel. The way the individual components are adjusted to each other ensures that the shisha tobacco is kept at an optimal temperature – thus, a unique smoking experience with more intensive taste and a stunning smoke density are created.


Due to the unique patented composition, only one piece of coal is needed for smoking – at the same time, there is no annoying rearranging of coal needed anymore.


The individual temperature setting can be adjusted by turning the smokebox with the wooden handle, which allows to open or close ventilation slots. The wooden cover which is attached to the phunnel can be touched without any concern since it does not heat up and remains cool. 


The secret of the Thunder is the stainless steel Phunnel. The system was developed in such a way that the tobacco is brought to the optimum temperature, even from below.

It is made from high quality wood and stainless steel for production - this makes the Thunder extremely robust and durable.

Moshaik - Thunder

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